Dave Brubeck – Selections from Seriously Brubeck

Solo Piano – Early Advanced; Late Intermediate
Original Music by Dave Brubeck; Edited by Gail Lew and John Salmon.
52 pages; Published by Alfred Music (AP.ELM02031); ISBN 0757909647

The seven pieces in this volume are excerpted from two ballet suites composed by Dave Brubeck. “Struttin'” and “Doing the Charleston” are from the four-movement set Glances. Also included are five selections from Points on Jazz: Prelude * Scherzo * Rag * Waltz * A la Turk.
Brubeck himself describes Glances as “my most Milhaud-inspired work,” a tribute to the French composer with whom Dave studied composition. Points on Jazz was commissioned by the American Ballet Theatre.
See also Seriously Brubeck (ELM02027).