How Does Your Garden Grow?, from Four New England Pieces

Lyrics by Dave and Iola Brubeck
Music by Dave Brubeck

Mixed Voices, SATB, with piano

A Note from the Composer

by Dave Brubeck

“How Does Your Garden Grow?” refers on the surface to my Connecticut garden. However, when I wrote the piece, I was thinking more about human relationships than the old nursery rhyme. There are plots and angles and sticky tangles in human relationships, too. Constant tending is required for human potential to flower. We need to prune and trim and reach for the light. We need to nurture our families, and ask ourselves if they are growing straight and tall, or do some need braces and extra nourishment until they are strong enough to stand alone. The seasons come, the seasons go. A parent always seems to be in a race with time. Now is the only time we have. The planting moon is coming soon, so we must sow. I hope this piece to be a meaningful comment on life experience that young singers and audiences, young and old, can share.
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