Quiet As the Moon (1987)

1987 | 7 mins
Lyrics by Iola Brubeck
Music by Dave Brubeck

SSAATTBB and piano

Notes from the Composer:
The theme for “Quiet as the Moon” was composed for a Peanuts television series, “This is America, Charlie Brown,” in which the Peanuts characters flew to the moon on a NASA space ship. Later, I set for chorus words by my wife, Iola,¬†that describe the exquisite harmony of the universe, and acknowledges the interrelationships of mankind and the stars, earth, and moon. She based her lyrics on something Astronomer Don Brownlee wrote: “The atoms in our bodies have all resided inside stars. Most of these atoms were actually produced inside stars in the distant past. These atoms…four and a half billion years ago formed into our present solar system…. We are quite literally made from stardust.”
© Dave Brubeck Music

Dedicated to the memory of Marvin Asnes.

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