Quiet As the Moon


1987 (7 mins.)
Lyrics by Iola Brubeck
Music by Dave Brubeck

Notes from the Composer:
The theme for “Quiet as the Moon” was composed for a Peanuts television series, “This is America, Charlie Brown,” in which the Peanuts characters flew to the moon on a NASA space ship. Later, I set for chorus words by my wife, Iola, that describe the exquisite harmony of the universe, and acknowledges the interrelationships of mankind and the stars, earth, and moon. She based her lyrics on something Astronomer Don Brownlee wrote: “The atoms in our bodies have all resided inside stars. Most of these atoms were actually produced inside stars in the distant past. These atoms…four and a half billion years ago formed into our present solar system…. We are quite literally made from stardust.”
© Dave Brubeck Music

Dedicated to the memory of Marvin Asnes.

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