The Light in the Wilderness (1968)

An Oratorio
1968 | 75 mins (with improvisation) / 60 mins (without improvisation)
Selections from the Bible and original texts by Dave and Iola Brubeck
Music by Dave Brubeck

To Matthew, Catherine, Christopher, Michael, and Darius, for theirs is the generation of them that seek Him and in memory of Philip.

Soloist: Baritone
Orchestration: 3(pic)2+ca.2+bcl.2+cbn/4331/perc/ combo/str

The Light in the Wilderness: An Oratorio for Today (1968)
– The Temptations (chorus and baritone solo)
– Forty Days (chorus)
– Forty Days (improvisation)
– Forty Days (brass chorale and organ)
– Repent! Follow Me (baritone solo)
– The Sermon on the Mount (baritone solo with improvisation)
– The Sermon on the Mount (chorus with improvisation)
– Repent! Follow Me (baritone solo and chorus with improvisation)
– The Kingdom of God (baritone solo)
– The Great Commandment (baritone solo and double chorus with improvisation)
– Love Your Enemies (baritone solo and chorus)
– Interlude (organ and orchestra)
– What Does It Profit a Man? (baritone solo)
– Where is God? (chorus and baritone solo)
– We Seek Him (choral interlude with improvisation)
– Peace I Leave with You (baritone solo)
– Let Not Your Heart be Troubled (chorus and baritone solo)
– Yet a Little While (baritone solo and chorus)
– Praise Ye the Lord (chorus)