“We’re really enjoying the venue,” said Harned. “It’s very peaceful.”

“We’re really enjoying the venue,” said Harned. “It’s very peaceful.” Chef Lee Burton, who writes a weekly column, created treats by using the fresh vegetables found at Three Sisters. A longtime supporter of Three Sisters, Burton was on hand Monday to cook up kale chips, made from the farm’s own kale, with olive oil and sea salt. That’s the biggest killer of these trees. Don’t select a low area and if you have heavy clay, add sand. Don’t leave any air pockets to titanium pot fill with water.” He said.. As an alternative to expensive peat pots or plastic containers, try this idea courtesy of the California Garden Clubs’ Kids Growing Strong program. You need a page of black and white newspaper, a half liter plastic water bottle and tape (cellophane or masking work is fine). Cut a 5 inch strip of newspaper lengthwise (that’s about 22 inches long). West Seattle also has hosted outdoor movies and the Red Hook Moonlight Cinema Series was said to be especially good. This is a file image of the (almost free) Fremont Outdoor Cinema. Magnuson Park begins cheap nfl jerseys their Thursday night series July 12. Morgan, State Street and BlackRock are also believers and own more than 250 million shares. And CEO Klaus Kleinfeld, who owns 1.9 million shares of AA, may also be throwback jerseys a believer. I not.. Neither Hassan nor her Democratic opponent Jackie Cilley will file fundraising paperwork until August. Until then, it is hard to tell how fundraising cheap jerseys is going for either one. Whatever the money gap is between Hassan, who is aggressively hiring staff, and Cilley, who isn’t, it is about to get a lot bigger. 3. Search in secret. Another trick is to search for deals (not just airfares!) in private, or incognito, browsing mode. There s nothing in the past that predicts what the future will be. Production since 2011, the steepest rise in history, and will boost output to a 28 year high this year, according to the EIA. While drilling in shale is more expensive than other methods and poses environmental challenges, the prospect of a growing supply is encouraging analysts to predict a more energy independent nation. Young Guns is really Brat Pack Goes West, which means it’s about a fad. There are side pleasures to be found, though, in going back and reliving the bad parts of the ’80s. A rental of Young Guns lets us know that at least we’re out of Reaganomics and the movies it spawned (now we’re suffering through The Burning Bush, American Idol, Joe Millionaire, and lots of sequels). BBQ pulled jackfruit sandwich at Berben Wolff’s vegan delicatessen on Lark St. The sandwich includes dry rubbed and marinated jackfruit with purple cabbage slaw on a toasted sesame seed bun.(Lori Van Buren / Times Union) lessBerben Wolff’s Vegan Delicatessen. 227 Lark St., Albany.