Celebrating 60 years of “Time Out”

December 14, 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of one of the most successful and influential jazz albums of all time, Time Out.

The Dave Brubeck Quartet released the Columbia Records album Time Out on December 14, 1959, and the experiment in odd time signatures, improvised counterpoint, polyrhythm, and polytonality became the first jazz album to sell over a million copies.

Hit tracks from the album like Blue Rondo à la Turk and Take Five (now in the GRAMMY Hall of Fame) began to appear on jukeboxes throughout the world, and Take Five became the best selling jazz single of the 20th century.

The GRAMMY Museum® | L.A. LIVE

In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Time Out and Dave Brubeck’s Centennial in 2020, The GRAMMY Museum at L.A. LIVE is devoting a Brubeck pod in their Enduring Traditions gallery, which will feature an original LP of Time Out from Dave’s personal record collection.

The pod will also contain personal items including a pair of his iconic glasses, awards, handwritten sheet music, photographs, and memorabilia from his travels around the world.

Situated on the 4th floor of the museum, Enduring Traditions explores the history of some of America’s most significant musical traditions, and the Brubeck pod will be open to the public from the 60th anniversary — December 14, 2019 through the end of 2020.

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Stephen Crist’s new book Dave Brubeck’s Time Out is out now!

In his book, Crist draws on nearly fifteen years of archival research and interviews with key individuals and Brubeck to paint a complete picture of the album’s origins, creation, and legacy.

From Brubeck’s 1958 State Department-sponsored tour to the backstage jam session that planted the seeds for Take Five, Crist sheds an exciting new light on one of the most significant albums in jazz history.

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The Darius Brubeck Quartet Celebrates Time Out Live at Jazz Cafe in London – December 14, 2019

Darius Brubeck is celebrating the 60th anniversary by presenting two sets at the Jazz Cafe in London on Saturday that features Time Out and Darius’s latest album Live in Poland, in which he retraces his father’s historic 1958 tour to the former Communist country, with a repertoire of original material and jazz standards, including Take Five.

First Set: Time Out (complete album)
Second Set: Live in Poland (selections) with compositions by Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond, Hugh Masekela and Darius himself

The Darius Brubeck Quartet

Darius Brubeck – piano
Dave O’Higgins – sax
Matt Ridley – bass
Wesley Gibbens – drums

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Time Out Suite for Orchestra

To honor Time Out’s 60th Anniversary and Dave’s Centennial, Chris Brubeck has written a new orchestral arrangement called The Time Out Suite, a medley of tunes from Time Out, which will be premiered by the Stockton Symphony in Stockton, CA on January 25, 2020.